Manuscript Preparation & Submission Details

(due by February 26, 2018)

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Manuscript Preparation & Submission Details

Manuscripts of the papers submitted will be published in the Journal of Materials Science Forum, published by Trans Tech Publications, TTP - Switzerland after a regular review process as per the journal standards.

The authors are requested to prepare their manuscripts in word format as per instructions on the MANUSCRPIT link given in the conference website site You also need to down load the Template and prepare the manuscript as instructed. Kindly submit your manuscript (MS) on line to Trans Tech Publications (TTP)–Switzerland at before February 26, 2018 and copy to Prof. M. Ionescu (Program Chair) at Please complete the Copy Right Form and send it also with your MS to TTP.


The Program Committee cannot guarantee the inclusion of your manuscript in the periodical if your MS does not reach the Trans Tech Publications by February 26, 2018.

After submission, you will receive a confirmation email from TTP that your MS has been successfully received. Please DO NOT email your manuscript to any other email address, the Committee will neither accept it nor will acknowledge it.


   Manuscript review process & notification

In order to maintain the high standard and reputation of the Materials Science Forum periodical, as well as the integrity of the publisher, the Program Committee will seek assistance from the Trans Tech Publications to use its sophisticated “plagiarism check tool” to scan the MS for duplication or any possible duplications and plagiarism. This tool was very helpful to the Program Committee in past and in the large majority of cases we did not have any problems with duplications of information presented for publication. However, if we find that some parts of your MS were already published, we will require modifications, and in that case either the TTP or Prof M. Ionescu (Program Chair) will contact the presenting author via email before April 4, 2018.


If your manuscript requires minor changes, such as corrections of typos, the Program Committee will address them in your manuscript before including it in the MSF.  However, if other major changes are required, the Program Committee will contact you via email by April 4, 2018. If you do not receive email from us by April 4, 2018, this will mean that your manuscript is accepted for inclusion in the periodical/proceedings without any changes.



Oral Presentation

The presentation time for invited and contributed presentations will be notified to each author after March 20, 2018. The date, time and session of your presentation will be available for viewing in the THERMEC’2018 final program expected to be on the web site ( by March 25, 2018.


Audio-visual Aids for Oral Presentation:

Only Power Point presentation (including PC facilities) will be available for oral presentation. Please bring your file on a memory stick, or external hard drive or CD, and make sure you upload it in your presentation room the morning of your presenting day, before the beginning of the first session. Identified assistants will be available in each room 30 minutes before the starting time. Any other AV facilities if you require for your presentations will incur fee. Please contact us at before April 8, 2018, if you require any special audio visual facilities for your presentation.

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