Abstract Submission

 Abstract Submission is Closed now due date was Nov. 26, 2017


Abstracts can be submitted by creating a user profile using the link provided in login (on the right hand corner) – Create an Account. Enter the details asked in the form, once created, you will receive your login credentials to access your personal space on the website.

Please keep these login details – these will be used further for your registration, editing your abstract until the last date etc.

It is strongly recommended that only presenting authors create an account and submit their abstracts.

Instructions to prepare a formatted abstract at THERMEC2018

Please read carefully the information below and prepare your abstract as per the format ABSTRACT TEMPLATE given in the link.

  1. Use Times Roman font 12 to type TITLE of the abstract in BOLD letters as shown in the ABSTRACT TEMPLATE given in the abstract link.

    Abstract text including authors, affiliation must be in Times Roman font 11 .

    Include presenting author only in BOLD italics letters.
  2. Do not include formulae, equations, tables, references and Greek symbols in the abstract. Write alpha, beta, gamma etc in place of Greek symbols.

  3. Maximum length of the abstract is 250 words and type text in single space. Type abstract within the space provided in the template within 250 words limit.

  4. Presenting author must be identified in ITALICS in BOLD letters in the abstract. Include full mailing and email address of the presenting author.
    The Program Committee will communicate ONLY with the presenting author via email.

  5. Include full mailing and email addresses of all co-authors in the abstract.


If you have received invitation letter via email  from  The THERMEC Committee members ( Prof.Michel Jeandin  or Prof.T.Chandra ) to make invited presentation at THERMEC'2018, then only please tick corresponding box. We will cross check in the record if invitation sent  by the Program Committe to the presenting author.

Please click here for the abstract template

The Programme Committee will communicate only with the presenting author by email only.

* SUBMIT ABSTRACT on-line ONLY to be considered. It is strongly recommended to create a personal space on the website to submit abstracts in the above said format.

Once the abstract is submitted, one will get an automated message stating your abstract has been successfuly submitted.

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